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Rev. Dr. Michael Paulison

Rev. Dr. Michael Paulson is the director and founder of Mission Experience and the Director of the ME Orphanage. He is a pastor whose heart has always been "for the least of these." He has served two congregations in Colorado and been serving on mission teams for over 25 years. He has served on the streets of New York City, served in crises situations across the US and serves the poor and homeless in Aurora, CO. Pastor Mike has been serving in Haiti for over 20 years on short term missions and oversees the care of our children and setting the vision for our ministry.

(303) 249-0333

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Leslie Kotwica

Ministry Associate, has been involved in missions ministry since 1994. She has done missions literally around the globe from US regional, from the jungles of Panama, Cambodia, and the plains of the Serengeti during that time.


The Lord brought her to Mission Experience before it actually began. It’s a long story, ask her about it some time. She believes, for her, “missionary work is what keeps me grounded in what is truly important in this world.”

(720) 635-1607

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Doug Kotwica

Property & Construction Director (Team Leader), is a General Contractor and has worked with Mission Experience since it's inception overseeing construction projects. He is has been involved in global missions for 2 decades and has been commissioned as a part time missionary by Pinecrest Community Church, Parker, CO. Doug and Leslie are married with 1 married daughter and 9 grandchildren.


Stuart Pederson

(alias Tornado Pete), Facilities Manager (Team Leader), from Burrton, KS, has lead teams to Haiti since 2010. He is an ordained pastor with construction skills and an accounting background. He delights in ministering with and to team members as they serve the LORD Jesus in Haiti. He is married with 4 married children and 14 grandchildren.



Our Chauffeur and our On-site Orphanage Manager. He oversees the day-to-day care of our children. He is an excellent ambassador for our ministry and loves when teams come to visit. Mission Experience is his job, but James also has his own preaching and teaching ministry to the people of Haiti through his church. He would love to tell you about it. His wife, Edeline teaches at God’s Garden, and they have a son, Samuel.


Elinor Paulison

Child Welfare Advocate, Ellie has always had a heart for Orphan ministry. Before ME she had been working with kids in Russia for 7 years. She began her time with ME thinking she was blessed by a once in a lifetime trip to love kids in 2015. Since then, her heart for the Lord and for orphans has lead her to be a part of the ME staff helping to oversee the mental, physical, emotional, and spiritual welfare of our kids.


Kailee Duryea

Assistant Marketing Director, Kailee just loves Jesus a whole lot and wants to share His love with the world! “I am beyond grateful for the miracles He has performed in my life.”  - Kailee

”I have been a part of Mission Experience since 2016 and am super pumped to newly be an official staff member. If you want to know more about me or my story please ask! I’m an open book and I would love to get to know YOU!”


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(Back to front)

John Kuhns

Pastor Mike Paulison

Steve Fedewa

Vice Chairman of the Board

Mike Nash

Chairman of the Board

Steve Purkapile

Finance & Secretary


Dan Griffin

Morgan Leissring

Luke Reissinger

Not pictured


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