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Pirate Pete & Pal Take a Haiti Plunge

7 weeks of preparation were necessary for the execution of a quick trip to Haiti in order to fix, repair, encourage and build. A window of opportunity opened, and Pete and crew sought to give it the college try. We kept what we were doing quiet. It is easy for physical and spiritual eyes and ears to pick up on plans and report them to the wrong people. We do not normally think this way but in Haiti it is a reality.

Preparations included:

  • Buying supplies and shipping them to Haiti in 2 Totes.

  • Buying supplies and packing 4 - 50 lbs suitcases.

  • Praying for discernment and recruiting a good friend to join him.

  • Arranging for a new Passport through the same day application in Dallas.

  • Scheduling and rescheduling airline tickets.

Such a list seems a bit mundane. Yet there were miracles all along the way:

1. One suitcase held 135feet of heavy three strand aluminum wire for Dorm 2. Pete’s friend pulled it out of a wall at work and the customer did not want it. Then Pete found 135 feet of ground wire given to him by a friend almost 25 years ago.

2. Pete’s friend needed the challenge to break out of the wilderness he was stuck in. He needed to trust God and act accordingly.

3. Pete learned his passport was 5 months from expiration when he made travel plans. You need 6 months for international travel. Pete learned the closest same day Passport site is in Dallas. A friend provided the hotel so Pete and Marie could make a quick trip down 3 days before he left for Haiti.

4. The available seats for travel disappeared as Pete had them selected for purchase. It took a very nice airline agent to find them and book them again.

5. God raised Pete’s awareness of His control and Pete’s need to submit. Coming home a friend asked Pete if it was good to be back in control. Pete realized that after 7 weeks, he did not want to be back in control. He wanted to be so dependent on God that every step needed prayed about.

These are just some of the moves of God’s hand during this adventure. Stay tuned as the stories only get better when Pete starts off on his way to Haiti.

-Pirate Pete

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